Why Work with Imperium Commodity Search

What makes us, us? 

Imperium Commodity Search was built from the ground up by a group of recruiters, headhunters and consultants with direct experience in the commodity recruitment markets with a number of agencies and recruitment firms.  

The issues we had all found in the commodity headhunting markets were aligned in many ways, and we set out on a mission to establish a commodity executive search and headhunter that solves the frustrations that are faced with others.  Our tenacious and no-nonsense approach to recruitment coupled with our fierce loyalty to clients, candidates and those we represent in the market have allowed us to build a number of products, tailored to the needs of todays commodity market participants. 


“All Recruiters are the same!”

When we launched Imperium Commodity Search our stated aim was to deliver a wide range of services that encapsulated the depth of talent resource that companies need at different stages of their growth and development.

We definitely did not want to be the same as other Recruiters in this space.

Typically, Recruiters based in the UK have fallen in to a pattern of working where everything is about achieving the end result i.e. getting paid is contingent on a candiidate being hired.  In addition they are held accountable for the candidate remaining in post beyond  their first 12 weeks or face a financial penalty if they don’t. 

What this recruitment ‘first past the post’ race does is give a false impression of efficiency in the process,  as costs may be under management through fixed fees but delivery is compromised as a result of these recruiters placing candidates where they earn the most money and not necessarily with the right client.  

Whilst we accept that contingent recruitment has a place in the industry for volume and non-specialist roles, as a niche headhunter and search consultancy Imperium has developed the following services especially for our clients.  We believe in close partnering and collaboration and are proud of the relationships we have developed to date:


Working in this collaborative fashion with our clients has lead us to develop a number of new services above in conjunction with their specific requirements.

As a firm with over 40 years industry experience amongst its staff we are able to provide bespoke solutions that provide guarantees of delivery.  We are 100% successful in all of our bespoke campaigns.

Our commodity headhunters and consultants are set up with the resources of an agency and the approach of a headhunter.  We maintain market leading technology and infrastructure to allow us to recruit in a manner that most cannot match. 

This approach has seen the business grow and secure quality relationships with a wide range of Clients as well as earning an excellent reputation with Candidates looking for ideal opportunities for their circumstances.

To find out more about how Imperium Commodity Search can assist your business in its growth plans, Contact us here  or call our experienced commodity recruitment search team on +44 (0) 203 927 5090 (UK), +1 (312) 380 0225 (US), +65 3158 1066 (SG).


“If only there was a firm that understood our market”.  

Imperium Commodity Search not only understands the markets in which they operate through many years of industry experience but also has a deeper understanding of how to manage and deliver to your expectations as a candidate.

Our reputation depends on it.

Having witnessed first hand practices at small to large firms in the recruitment space it is common practice that they are trained to literally take keywords from job descriptions and use these to create a boolean search to identify candidate CVs that match – that is assuming they actually have a mandate to hire in the first place.

This scattergun and opaque approach is responsible for so much resentment and mistrust in the industry that it creates unnecessary barriers for genuine headhunters and niche recruiters to have to deal with.

Imperium Commodity Search not only understands the intricacies of delivering a knowledgeable and transparent service but also that the value in our service needs to go beyond just sourcing suitable roles.

We have therefore developed the services below for all candidates to benefit from:

We act as a Headhunter in two ways:

Firstly when mandated to hire on behalf of one of our clients we will approach you in confidence through the relevant media to ascertain your present circumstances and interest in opportunities. We do not contact you without a role and we certainly do not carry out the practice of pressing for industry information from you to satisfy in-house targets.

Secondly if you approach us looking for a role and we do not have anything suitable then we will conduct a search on your behalf with clients in your field of expertise to ascertain hiring needs.

Whichever of the two routes taken above we will never disclose your details to any hiring client without your full knowledge and permission.   

To find out more about how Imperium Commodity Search can assist you in your job search, Contact us here  or call our experienced commodity recruitment search team on +44 (0) 203 927 5090 (UK), +1 (312) 380 0225 (US), +65 3158 1066 (SG).

Sustainability & ESG

We are proud to bring a ‘first of kind’ ESG commitment as part of our guaranteed hire search process.  Partnering with Ripple Africa to plant trees, aid carbon neutrality and offer carbon credit certification we work with clients to recruit in a sustainable way that is unique to us.

Find out more on our Sustainability page