Team Moves (M&A)

Team Moves/Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Imperium Commodity Search is a specialist headhunter and extraction search intermediary to the global commodity trading/brokerage markets and allied sectors.  

When you are looking to up-scale your firm through more than just individual hiring you need to be able to take advantage of our significant market knowledge gained through over 30 years of strategic partnering globally with progressive fims as extraction search intermediaries. 

Whether your aim is to launch a new desk with a team of two or more people, open up a new location and fill out the office, integrate a new product offering into existing infrastructure or plan to partly or fully acquire/merge with a competing or servicing business, the partners at Imperium Commodity Search are well placed to provide that management consultancy level of expertise you desire but focused entirely on your business needs. 

Full details on these specialist extraction search intermediary services provided by the Imperium Commodity Search partners can be found clicking on either of the images below.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Acting as a search intermediary to identify suitable prospects or as a confidential introducer to those already in view.

Team (Desk) Moves

Engaged as an extraction search intermediary for the acquisition of multiple hires from individual or groups of firms.

Whichever option is relevant to the growth plans of your business by speaking to an impartial advisor who knows the relevant market information will give you confidence to progress the options available to you. Imperium Commodity Search will deliver to you a suitable proposal after an initial consultation.

All conversations around M&A and Team Move/Acquisition activity is held in the strictest confidence.  Contact us here  or call our experienced commodity recruitment team on +44 (0) 203 927 5090 (UK), +1 (312) 380 0225 (US), +65 3158 1066 (SG).

Our Sister Brand

For FICC/Mixed Asset team moves, we work closely with our financial products sister brand, FINCO Search.  Visit FINCO Search


If you are considering your options in order to increase the scale of your business in a particular product or geographical location then Imperium Commodity Search is ideally situated to support you in this space.

Whether you are looking at a strategic hire, a team move or a part or full merger/acquisition then our partners are well placed to impart their knowledge of the sector to support your ambitions.


If you have knowledge or interest in being part of a strategic Team Move from your current organisation or have specific information in relation to an openness at your firm for a discussion on a merger or acquisition then you can contact Imperium Commodity Search in confidence. 

With absolute discretion, and NDAs if required, we can steer your next move/opportunity in the direction which best serves your ambitions. 

Send us a message and a Partner of the firm will come back to you at your convenience.

Contact Us

Our team move specialists and experienced commodity recruitment search team can be reached on  +44 (0) 203 927 5090 (UK) +1 (312) 380 0225 (US) +65 3158 1066 (SG)


Send us a message online and we will come back to you.