Talent Attraction

Talent Attraction

Talent Attraction can be a headache for many clients.  Often, it is hard to know what is causing issues with your ability to attract and retain staff as through traditional advertising techniques, you don’t get the applications in the first place.  Our Talent Attraction mix can assist clients in fact finding from passive candidates; discovering what the market view of your firm is with top talent in that space.  

We speak to candidates every day.  We have the network and ability to generate a market view of your firm, gaining insight on any perceptions that may be there in the market.  We then take that data, and work closely with you to identify where this can be improved and talent attraction and retention can be improved. 
Identification Phase

Imperium Commodity Search will work closely with hiring managers, HR and senior management to identify and discuss issues the client is facing when hiring top talent.  This lays the foundation for the project and where we need to focus our efforts to research and resolve the issue.  We are not afraid to drill down into the nitty-gritty of the issue and work out exactly where the issues lay.

Project Management / Planning

We take the issues raised and put in place a project management map in full consultation with the client.  This involves conversations with the relevant managers within the firm to offer an understanding of the process we will undertake to identify the issues from the market and ensure both parties are comfortable with the extent of the research project. 

Multichannel Research

Our consultants then work with our research team to begin atomic level research with candidates, former applicants and members of staff who have left the business to identify the reasons behind their choices.  We utilise information from the client as well as our own network to establish the raw reasons behind the talent attraction/retention issues our client faces.  

Collaboration on Findings

We believe in keeping our clients informed at every stage of the process to ensure we are responding quickly to changes in the project as it grows.  Once we have our initial findings in place, we sit down with the client to discuss these and provide statistical evidence of the findings split by geography, demographic or position.

Fix / Remedy

Using the findings, we work closely together to look at ways to remedy any potential issues or perceptions in the market.  Using a truly consultative approach, we go back and look at additional findings or expand on particular areas to assist this where needed.  Our aim is to remedy each area that could be affecting issues that our clients are facing across their talent attraction. 

Imperium Edge with Retained Search 

Imperium Commodity Search are able to bespoke a package to cover both Talent Attraction followed by a successful hire(s) for our client, utlising our research team alongside consultants to produce analytics and talent.  
Our consultants and research team work hand in hand to operate both functions to the full complement of each other.  Our researchers and consultants even sit together for the duration of a project to ensure full collaboration. 

To enquire about utlising our Imperium Edge Analytics please contact one of our search consultants on +44 (0) 203 927 5090 or email us at info@imperiumcs.com

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