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COVID-19: Company Statement
Q1 | 2020

At a difficult time for businesses globally, Imperium Commodity Search are committed to assisting our clients and candidates survive the uncertainty.  We will shortly be releasing revised framework for short term & contract staff to help us fill shortfalls in human capital quicker and with less cost to our clients to help them continue operating. 

Our staff, infrastructure and systems have been successfully redeployed remotely and the business is operating at full capacity. 

It is a difficult time for all businesses; together we will succeed. 

Click to download the statement: COVID19 Company Statement

Brexit: The Effect on Hiring Attitude
Q1 | 2020

After 3 and a half years of negotiations, delays and many crossroads, the date of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union is almost upon us.  Nothing has split political opinion quite so much in the UK for many generations and indeed the recent general election was battled upon Brexit grounds. 

Imperium Commodity Search has looked at the impact that the Brexit vote and subsequent negotiations have had on the view of the UK as a marketplace, potential office location and global financial hub.  Critically, we wanted to find out how Brexit has affected the views of those in the commodity sector who are looking for new opportunities and new talent. 

Our sample includes commodity professionals across Physical Trading, Physical Brokerage, Financial Trading and Financial Brokerage across the UK, EU and Rest of the World. 

Click to download the full report: The Imperium Brexit Report

Imperium Edge with Retained Search 

Imperium Commodity Search is able to bespoke a package to cover both Feasibility Studies followed by a successful hire(s) for our client, utlising our research team alongside consultants to produce analytics and talent.  
Our consultants and research team work hand in hand to operate both functions to the full complement of each other.  Our researchers and consultants even sit together for the duration of a project to ensure full collaboration. 

To enquire about utlising our Imperium Edge Analytics please contact one of our consultants on +44 (0) 203 927 5090 or email us at

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