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Imperium Commodity Search have worked with European, Asian and South American zinc traders, producers and participants on mandates across trading, operations, brokerage and analysis of the global zinc markets.  

What is Zinc?  

Zinc (Zn) is a blue-white metal which is most commonly used in alloys to improve corrosion resistance.  Finished and semi finished zinc products are produced from ores (primary) and scrap (secondary) containing zinc. 

Zinc Uses 

Zinc is most commonly used as a galvanizing material; in layman’s terms, to prevent corrosion.  This is common in construction and vehicle production to prevent damage or discolouration of the primary metal structure.  Galvanizing involves adding a thin layer of molten zinc to steel and iron to protect the metal underneath.  

As well as a galvanizing product for steel, zinc is often used in alloy with copper to create brass and aluminium to produce solder material.  Zinc gives strength to alloys and is often used in construction and electrical/piping systems. 

Die-Casting is the process of creating metal shapes using molds/die casts.  Zinc is regularly used in die-casting parts.  Zinc is highly ductile which allows it to be bent into shape and sustain pressure without fracturing, allowing for the molding of metals at high temperatures.  

Zinc-Oxide is used in the production of numerous goods to protect them from corrosion such as rubber.  Zinc oxide is also used in some medicines to treat skin conditions, as well as in ceramic production. 

How is Zinc traded? 

Zinc is traded globally and is the fourth most traded metal on earth.  It is traded by both back to back traders and producers, in semi finished, finished and concentrate form.  Some trading houses own production/processing facilities and employ traders at different parts of the life cycle, purchasing concentrates and secondary zinc for smelting and sales side traders to sell finished product into end users, manufacturers and processors. 

Like many metals, Chinese demand has a strong impact on the global zinc price, as well as the demand levels of steel products due to its use in galvanizing. 

Largest Zinc Producers:

Zinc is produced in many countries, with China being the dominant force in Zinc mining and production globally, followed by South and Central America.  The largest Zinc mining countries in the world (by thousand MT) are:

China (4,500)
Peru (1,300)
Australia (900)
USA (800)
Mexico (700)

Largest Zinc Importers:

Due to its wide remit of uses, Zinc is a key import for countries which produce steel, construction equipment, vehicles and pipework.  The largest importers of zinc (in KMT) are: 

China (443)
USA (400)
Germany (338)
Netherlands (231)
Belgium (171)

Who are the key players? 

The largest producers of Zinc in the world are:

Korea Zinc Group (Korea)
Nyrstar (Switzerland)
Hindustan Zinc (India)
Glencore (Switzerland)
Nexa Resources (Brazil)

What is the Salary for a Zinc Trader? 

Zinc traders work at various stages of the zinc trading lifecycle, with most back to back traders being based in Switzerland.  Often, traders will purchase zinc ore/concentrates or secondary zinc on the sourcing side for their own employer if they have production facilities.  The traders will also be responsible for selling the finished zinc product to customers and end users in their territory.  The average salary for a Zinc trader in Switzerland is 140-200,000CHF per annum with a bonus/commission structure in addition. 

Zinc Trading Recruitment from Imperium Commodity Search

Imperium Commodity Search has placed zinc sourcing/trading personnel in Europe and South America with trading houses and producers.  We have also managed mandates for market analysts and operators across Europe, Asia and the USA. 

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