Petrochemical Trading

Petrochemical trading is recovering following a slide in production and demand requirements in 2020 throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Despite the rocky markets, petchems remain a mainstay in the commodity trading arena and are critical in many day to day applications.  Imperium Commodity Search manage relationships across the supply chain of petchems, primarily with trading houses and sales side firms.


What are Petrochemicals?

Petrochemicals refer to chemical products produced from the refining process of petroleum and broadly broken down into olefins and aromatics:

Olefins are produced through the cracking of NGLs like ethane and propane.  The most common olefins include ethene, propene and butenes; used in the production of materials including plastics, fibres and resins, particularly polymers.  

Aromatics are made from the catalytic reforming of Naphtha, a light end distillate from crude refining.  Benzene, Toluene and Xylene, referred to as BTX, are the key products produced form the aromatic reforming process.   

What are Petrochemicals used for?

Petrochemicals have an incredibly broad range of uses, from fibres in clothing to fertilizer through to rocket fuel.  Whilst plastics are likely the most common household item made using petrochemicals, lots of other every day items rely on the petchem industry including crayons, food packaging, carpet fibres and even shampoos and hair dyes.  

Unlike other oil products, petrochemicals can be broken down into a huge number of different chemicals which all have very specific properties for different applications.

How and where are petrochemicals traded? 

Petrochemicals, in terms of volume, are a niche product within the oil industry.  Where as products like crude oil are shipped in large tanker vessels, petrochemicals are shipped in smaller containers.  In domestic trading in the USA, this is often by railcar tanks or parcels.  Core geographical markets for petchem trading are closely linked to oil production and traditional fuel refining.  As such, the USA, Russia and Middle East are core markets, with many back to back traders sitting in Switzerland or London on more diversified energy desks.

As well as the specialised physical trading markets, petrochemicals are hedged on some major energy exchanges using futures/swap contracts; Notably the CME and ICE. 

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These are just a few examples of petchem market positions we recruit for, other positions are available.

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Example Petrochemical & Oil Recruitment Projects

Imperium Commodity Search have worked on a wide range of Petrochemical trading, brokerage, operations and analyst roles globally.  Examples of our recent projects: 

Aromatics Trader | Trading House Singapore, APAC
Sales Specialist | Chemical Company Ohio, USA
Finance Manager | Trading House London, UK
Energy Broker | Brokerage Houston, USA
Oil & Petchem Broker | Energy Brokerage Florida, USA

Petrochemical Sourcing Agent | FMCG Firm Netherlands, EU 
Energy Options Broker | Brokerage London, United Kingdom
Oil Trader | Trading House  Geneva, Switzerland
Naphtha Broker | Brokerage Houston, USA
Physical Product Broker | Trading House Dubai, UAE