Introduction to Agricultural & Soft Commodities

Imperium Commodity Search have a deep understanding of the global agricultural trading markets, with experience on trading, hedging, operations, logistics and research/analytical roles within the space.

We have serviced clients globally looking to increase their market coverage, expand their trading team or bring their risk management processes in-house, providing futures/options traders to physical trading houses.  Our softs & ags consultants have worked in niche areas of the industry and proven their ability to extract passive talent that sticks.

Our consultants have assisted the growth of budding international dairy businesses and helped coffee traders improve their sustainability platform in countries of origin, as well as identified and sourced leading traders with a proven track record and ability to add to a company’s bottom line. We are confident in our ability to work with both domestic and international trading houses/producers through our strong knowledge of the markets and extensive research/headhunting team. The agricultural market changes all the time – new tariffs, new exchange regulations and increasingly tight margins mean we pride ourselves on remaining plugged into the market and able to read and understand the pressures and strains on your business and respond to them in an agile way.

Our softs & ags consultants are on hand to discuss your business and where we may be able to assist in the next step for your team.

Our core markets on Soft / Agricultural Trading and Brokerage are Singapore, UK, Switzerland, Middle East, USA and Canada.


Imperium Commodity Search offers a value proposition based upon over 25 years  expertise in providing business professionals to a myriad of clients. Our clients value our extensive multi-sector Industry knowledge constructed from our own employment experience within Multinationals, Conglomerates, Corporate, Middle-Tiered and SME companies.

A shortage of the right talent is a top concern for all companies in all Industry sectors and geographies presently.

Our well respected company ethos together with tightly honed search and selection techniques helps our clients meet this challenge and turn their newly acquired talent into a source of competitive advantage.

We offer a full recruitment service for strategic, management and executive roles; we source and screen all of our candidates. We handle everything in-house, nothing is outsourced.  We love a challenge and will always give best advice on how we can overcome these challenges in partnership with you.

If you are looking for assistance in recruiting staff for Agricultural and Soft Commodity based jobs on a permanent  or contract hire basis please call us on +44 (0) 203 927 5090 or upload your vacancy here and one of our experienced consultants will contact you ASAP with availability and a quotation for the services to be provided.


Here at Imperium Commodity Search we have a wide range of on-going vacancies available on a permanent basis – some of them on an exclusive basis.

Often, due to our excellent relationships with certain clients, we are representing opportunities with clients that are not in the public domain for confidentiality reasons.

We support candidates throughout the recruitment process and focus on strategic, management and executive positions. Our personalised approach ensures we are best fit for Commodity professionals looking for their next career move.

Typical positions we recruit for within the Agricultural and Soft Commodities industry are listed in the right hand column of this page. 

If you are interested in finding out how we can assist you in finding your next opportunity in the UK or internationally then please call us now on +44 (0) 203 927 5090 or register online here and one of our Commodity Consultants will contact you ASAP.

Our Experience:

Jobs in Softs & Agriculture

Physical Grain Trader
Ags/Softs Futures Broker
Risk Management
Sustainability Controller
Sourcing Manager
Financial Control
Operations / Traffic
Trade Finance
Proprietary Trader
Farm Trader
Dairy & Foods Trader
Soft Commodity Trader
Pulses Traders/Brokers

These are just a few examples of positions we recruit for, other positions are available.

To see our latest vacancies, please click here.

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We are here to help. Speak to one of our experienced Agriculture Commodity Search Consultants now on +44 (0) 203 927 5090.


Send us a message online and we will come back to you.

Sustainability & ESG

We are proud to bring a ‘first of kind’ ESG commitment as part of our guaranteed hire search process.  Partnering with Ripple Africa to plant trees, aid carbon neutrality and offer carbon credit certification we work with clients to recruit in a sustainable way that is unique to us.

Find out more on our Sustainability page

Example Soft Commodity & Agricultural Recruitment Projects

Imperium Commodity Search have worked on a wide range of Agricultural trading, brokerage, operations and analyst roles globally.  Examples of our recent projects: 

Grain Trader | Global Commodity Trading House Singapore 
Market Analyst | Research House London, United Kingdom
Food & Nuts Trader | Trading House London & Dubai
Letters of Credit Operations | Trading House Geneva, Switzerland
Dairy Broker | Brokerage Singapore, APAC
Futures Broker | Brokerage Chicago, USA

Coffee Trader | Soft Commodity Trader Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Soft Commodity Broker | Brokerage London, United Kingdom
Palm Oil Trader | Trading House Singapore, APAC
Fertilizer Trader | Ags Trader Dubai, Middle East
Cotton Trader | Trading House Miami, USA
Head of Operations | Trading House Middle East