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Desk Moves & Team Moves

Imperium Commodity Search have a unique position in the commodity recruitment search market, focusing on profitability and revenue generation for our clients rather than our own individual placement fees.  We act as a strategic intermediary and headhunter to facilitate team and desk moves on behalf of our clients and experienced teams of front office personnel. 

Our client relationships are tactically narrow, allowing us to act on behalf of a select number of fast growth businesses to increase profitability of trading and brokerage desks, rather than spot trading the market to move headcount individually.  We also do not work on many PSL structures, preferring instead to work with senior management on strategic growth of revenue figures and market coverage.  This gives our consultants the ability to place high revenue teams into successful and growing businesses on both  speculative growth and targeted penetration mandates. 


We are a team of commodity specialists, establishing ourselves in the market to be subject matter experts on front office team moves within all commodity asset classes in trading and brokerage.  Our clients rely on us to reach segments of the market that others simply do not have the ability or motivation to do.  When we engage with a client on a strategic hiring mandate, we act with a tenacious and unwavering commitment to the task at hand; not stopping until the mandate is completed.  That is why we have a 100% placement rate on retained searches.

We are considerate of the volume of clients we represent in each segment of the commodity world.  When retained by a business, we do not solicit their staff and act with a level of exclusivity within the market that we are approaching under our mandate.  Because of this, we simply cannot provide the service we do and spot trade with the entire market.  When you work with us, we are a team, we share a goal and your success is our success.

If you are currently seeking to grow your business, trading or brokerage team with strategic recruitment mandates and would like to work with us on the planning and execution of extraction and team based searches, one of our consultants is available to discuss options.  Submit a Vacancy Enquiry or call our experienced commodity recruitment team on

+44 (0) 203 927 5090 (UK)

+1 (312) 380 0225 (US)

+65 3158 1066 (SG)

All enquiries are handled confidentially and our team will provide a bespoke project quote for your needs after a consultation call.  For more information on our structure search process for individual or team hires in a specific product, visit our retained search page. 


Confidentiality is king in recruitment; particularly at a senior and team move level where any attempt to seek out new opportunities must be handled with the utmost confidence.  Our consultants handle placements responsible for multi-million dollar books of revenue between competitors in tight market spaces.  Our commitment to confidential advice and opportunities is unwavering. 

If you represent a team or traders, brokers or sales staff and are seeking out potential moves for your team, we can help discuss potential options and make relevant introductions to selected clients.  This can be done with full business plan preparation and team structure, or under confidential exploratory conditions.  We are led by our stakeholders in the activities we undertake and discuss openly and honestly every step of the recruitment process.  We tend to work with senior management and directors within the companies that we represent, meaning there are rarely HR databases or systems to navigate and no CV databases etc.

If you manage a team of commodity brokers, traders or sales staff and are currently seeking out a team move or a desk move as a group, we can discuss options with you in full confidence and recommend potential shops that match your culture and business ideals.  Contact us here or call our experienced commodity recruitment team on

+44 (0) 203 927 5090 (UK)

+1 (312) 380 0225 (US)

+65 3158 1066 (SG)

Example Team Move Mandates

Imperium Commodity Search have worked on a number of team move and extraction mandates.  Some of our more recent projects are listed below. 

Global Energy Brokerage Teams | Energy Broker USA, London, Singapore 
Clearing & Execution Sales | Brokerage New York, London
Institutional Sales Traders | Brokerage London, Dubai, Singapore
Agri Traders (Physical) | Trading House South East Asia, Europe, LatAm
Softs & Agri Broker Team | FCM/IDB USA (Multiple Office)

Our Sister Brand

For FICC/Mixed Asset team moves, we work closely with our financial products sister brand, FINCO Search.  Visit FINCO Search

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