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Natural Gas Liquids represent a growing market, particularly in the US export space and are used for a variety of applications.  Our energy consultants work with a number of trading houses and brokerages with an interest in the NGL space across trading, brokerage, operations and production/blending roles.

Underpinned by the wider energy pricing and supply/demand structure, our consultants have a strong exposure to the NGL market and a good understanding of the market from a headcount/talent perspective globally.

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Defined:

Natural Gas Liquids are also known as nat-gas condensate, natural gasoline and NGL.  Made up of hydrocarbons, NGL is obtained through gaseous components found during the natural gas production process in gas fields and wells.  NGLs are primarily used in fuel applications, but some are also used in blending, petrochemicals, feedstocks and chemical applications.  

Broadly, NGL is broken down into 4 key products:

Ethane is primarily used as a feedstock for the petrochemical and plastics production industries.  Ethane is often referred to as C2, referring to the number of carbon atoms in the chemical formula of Ethane: C2H6

Propane is commonly used as cooking and heating fuel.  The use of propane as a heating fuel is widespread in much of Africa and Asia.  As well as its use in cooking and heating, propane is also used as a petrochemical feedstock and as motor fuel for LPG converted vehicles.  Propane is also referred to as C3 as it has 3 carbon atoms in its molecular formula C3H8

Butane has a variety of applications and is commonly blended with Propane to make LPG and patio gas.  As well as a fuel, butane is a key ingredient of synthetic rubber and also acts as a refrigerant in its purest form.  Butane in household applications is often used as a propellent in aerosol sprays such as deodorants and cleaners.  Known as C4 with the molecular formula C4H10

Pentanes is primarily used to blend into other products, primarily in natural gasoline and polystyrene production.  They are also used as a working medium in Geothermal Power production.  Known as C5 with a molecular formula C5H12

How are NGLs traded? 

The growth of NGL production and difficulty in transporting the product means infrastructure is behind the curve for the supply of NGLs.  Today, around 90% of NGL in the United States is transported via pipeline for blending.  Transporting the products by ship, barge and rail is difficult due to the unique environment needed to store the product.

NGLs are a globally traded energy product and a rapidly growing commodity trading area.  US production is regularly hitting new records by volume and there is the potential for a lucrative export market to grow from this.  Advancements are needed in transportation solutions for this to take full effect. 

Many energy trading houses have an NGL ‘desk’ responsible for trading the product both domestically and on the export market.  Comparative to other oil & gas products, the NGL market is a small one dominated by only a few trading houses, supported by some smaller, niche shops.  Houston is the core area for this business and we have seen headcount grow in the space consistently over the past decade. 

As well as the physical market, there is a derivative/futures business in NGLs which are traded on the Intercontinental Exchange.

Where are NGLs traded? 

Natural Gas Liquids and the key markets for production are naturally tied in with the NatGas markets.  The largest producers of NGLs currently are the USA and Russia.

What is the Salary for an NGL Trader/Broker? 

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Traders salaries are in line with most other energy products.  Salaries for a mid-level trader in the USA can range from 80,000USD to 200,000USD per annum with the bonus potential for the worlds top traders coming in at some multiples of this. 

There is a growing Brokerage presence in the NGL space and a mid-seniority NGL broker can expect to earn between 80-120,000USD in basic salary or draw and a large contribution of revenues as commission. A junior broker in the same space would likely be looking at a starting salary of 40-50k USD.  

Natural Gas Recruitment from Imperium Commodity Search

Imperium Commodity Search have a strong coverage of the NGL markets and work with some of the biggest players in the space.  Our consultants have a particularly strong coverage of the NGL brokerage space and normally have access to opportunities in this arena.  

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These are just a few examples of positions we recruit for, other positions are available.

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Example NGL & Nat Gas Recruitment Projects

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