Commodity Markets

Specialist Industry Sectors

Imperium Commodity Search have specialist and dedicated recruitment consultants who have knowledge and experience of their respective niche sector. They are therefore best placed to offer a true consultancy based service to clients and job seekers alike.

Our specialist sectors are:

Agriculture Trading

Wheat, Corn, Soybean, Rice, Edible Oils, Ethanol, DDGS, Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Cotton, Dairy, Livestock, Foodstuffs, Fats/Flavours, Fertilizers/Fertilisers

Renewable Energy Trading

Bunkers, Crude, Middle Distillates, Light Distillates, Residuals, Lubricants, Base Oils, LPG, LNG, NGL, Natural Gas, Coal Power, Renewables, Biofuel, Biogas

Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Minor Metals, Gold, Silver, Steel, Iron Ore, LME, Base Metals, Ferrous Metals, Concentrates, Ores

Chartering, Broking, Offshore, Rigs, Drilling, Laytime, Demurrage, Ports, Yachts, Cruise, Newbuild, Sale and Purchase, Freight Futures, Demolition, Valuations, Scrubbers


Typically we operate at a strategic, management and executive level only providing recruitment search solutions that befits the assignment brief.

Whilst our specialist sectors above each have their own team of consultants they also work together as many job roles and candidate profiles can cross over in to other specialist arenas.

Our knowledge of each sector helps us keep abreast of industry standards, pay rates, technological trends, demographics, qualifications, legislation and other changes within the market place ensuring we are best placed to efficiently source and match job seekers with clients across the globe.

Each expert consultant has invested time and effort to truly understand the nature of the specialist work that they recruit for in order to provide the right recruitment solutions for each client assignment brief. 

Not to be complacent with where we have got to so far we are constantly re-investing in the business to extend our specialist reach to provide an even better service.

We welcome feedback through all media and send out quarterly feedback questionnaires to ensure that we continue to achieve our performance targets.

Market Statistics

Industry Experience

Our Team of Industry Experts are fully experienced in all commodity sectors.

Read through our introduction to each sector below:

Imperium Commodity Search have a deep understanding of the global agricultural trading markets, with experience on trading, hedging, operations, logistics and research/analytical roles within the space.

We have serviced clients globally looking to increase their market coverage, expand their trading team or bring their risk management processes in-house, providing futures/options traders to physical trading houses.  Our softs & ags consultants have worked in niche areas of the industry and proven their ability to extract passive talent that sticks.

Our consultants have assisted the growth of budding international dairy businesses and helped coffee traders improve their sustainability platform in countries of origin, as well as identified and sourced leading traders with a proven track record and ability to add to a company’s bottom line. We are confident in our ability to work with both domestic and international trading houses/producers through our strong knowledge of the markets and extensive research/headhunting team. The agricultural market changes all the time – new tariffs, new exchange regulations and increasingly tight margins mean we pride ourselves on remaining plugged into the market and able to read and understand the pressures and strains on your business and respond to them in an agile way.

Imperium’s Energy exposure is as diverse as the products themselves.

Our consultants feel at home deep within the international bunker markets as much as they do in the intraday power trading space. We are well positioned, through our excellent network and ability to engage with passive candidates across the market, to undertake hiring assignments with energy traders, producers and brokers globally.

Our Energy consultants have a solid understanding of trading, operations, analyst, risk management, hedging and sales staff in oil, gas, power, renewables and NGL/LNG. It has been no secret that the energy market is some way off from its glory days and many companies are restructuring their approach to an ever changing market.

Our consultants have been involved in the launch of new light ends sales offices in Europe and assisted with restructuring projects in the US for a leading energy sales firm. We believe in mutual trust and the need for a true understanding of the markets, growth plans and risk factors of our clients for sensitive projects like these and endeavour to offer a variety of options, working closely to match our approach to any changes as the project progresses.

Our energy consultants are on hand to discuss your business and where we may be able to assist in the next step for your team.

Imperium Commodity Search covered mandates across base metals, minor metals, steel, precious metals and mining in a variety of international locations across producers and trading houses, both physical and derivative.

Our team has a strong knowledge of the metals markets and have worked on some truly unique and niche positions in the past.

We like to get to know our candidates and understand their market better. This allows us to gain a wider understanding of the market trends and where we can best position ourselves to assist our clients in their own journeys and which particular niche may benefit them.

Our consultants have even had exposure to low-background steel!

Imperium’s specialist consultants have dealt with concentrates traders in Switzerland, China and South America as well as LME traders/speculators in London/New York.

We have a coverage of the metals space that few can rival, working with back, middle and front office staff with traders and brokers alike. The metals trading space is often a business of networks and relationships; we ensure we are nurturing ours to make sure that we can introduce the right candidates at the right time for your business.

Our metals & mining consultants are on hand to discuss your business and where we may be able to assist in the next step for your team.

Imperium Commodity Search has worked both with in-house logistics and shipping staff, as well as supplying talent to specialist shipbrokers and research houses.

We work with both ship and shore based staff and have an extensive international network of front office, supply chain, logistics and chartering professionals; well placed to provide a full service solution to in-house supply chain teams as well as sourcing passive, profitable talent for a broking desk.

Due to the nature of the shipping markets, our consultants have developed a network and headhunt led model to establish relationships with excellent candidates across shipping hubs globally.

We aim to create lasting relationships in the shipping markets and operate as a full cycle supplier for staff of all levels.

Our shipping consultants are on hand to discuss your business and where we may be able to assist in the next step for your team.

As well as our product specific commodity divisions, our team have a rich background in financial instruments and trading across equities, fixed income, interest rates and global payments.  We have worked with global brokerages and financial institutions operating in the derivative trading and fund space and our network allows us to tap into a strong network of candidates and clients here.  We can offer bespoke solutions to these firms as well as introducing our candidates to our exceptional financial markets clients. 

Our Geographical Reach

Imperium Commodity Search offer recruitment, headhunting and market analytic services to energy, metals, agricultural and shipping clients globally.  We have been involved in placements of commodity professionals across the globe.  Our key markets are: 

Asia Pacific / APAC: 

Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Far East Asia, South East Asia, China (Beijing, Shanghai), Japan, South Korea

Australia / Oceania

Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth), New Zealand, Surrounding Islands


South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria

Central / North America

United States (Chicago, New York, Miami, Houston, West Coast, Midwest, Kansas, Stamford), Canada (Toronto, Vancouver), Mexico, Panama

LATAM/ South America

Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay


United Kingdom, Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva, Zug, Lugano, Bern), Benelux, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Germany, France, Portugal, Malta, Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Baltics, Black Sea, CIS / CEE, South East