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Imperium Commodity Search are experienced recruitment consultants and headhunters to the global precious metal trading, investment, brokerage and operations industries.  

What are Precious Metals? 

Precious Metals are metallic elements which are scarce in their availability and of high value.  Traditionally, precious metals were used as currency which was primarily gold and silver.  Nowadays, precious metals, gold and silver are traded as commodities as investments and to hold value underpinning currencies, rather than currency its self.  

Bullion refers to gold or silver in its bulk form, valued by weight.  Bullion is the standard term used when looking at gold, silver or precious metals as an investment product.  Some investment structures are set up to offer returns by weight of gold or bullion.  Global commodity prices of gold and silver are based on bullion price; a piece of precious metal used as a store of value or investment rather than a currency. 

Gold (Au) is a chemical metallic element (atomic number 79) that is particularly dense, malleable and soft.  It is a bright yellow/orange colour and is unreactive compared to other metals.  Gold has been used as a currency for thousands of years and has been considered one of the most precious metals since Egyptian times.  Gold is primarily used in jewelry and electronics as a consumer product, but is mostly traded as an investment product. 

Silver (Ag) is a metallic chemical element (atomic number 47) which is particularly conductive of both electricity and heat as well as one of the shiniest and most reflective metals.  Like gold, silver was used in coinage as currency for thousands of years.  Nowadays it is used as an investment product as well as in solar panels, jewelry and tableware.  Unlike gold, silver is most commonly produced as a byproduct of other metal alloys during the production process of gold, copper and lead. 

Less spoken of, but also considered precious metals, Platinum and Palladium are used in electrical contacts, catalytic converters and fuel cells/batteries respectively.  These are less common as an investment product when compared to gold and silver.   

How are Precious Metals traded? 

Precious metals are traded on both physical and futures markets.  Physical trading happens globally, and is often tied to investments.  On the derivatives side of precious metals, the COMEX and NYMEX offer futures contracts across gold and silver (COMEX), palladium and platinum (NYMEX).  

Largest Gold Producers:

Gold is found globally in rock deposits to different grades/ores.  The largest gold producing countries in the world (in Tonnes) are:

China (400)
Australia (310)
Russia (280)
USA (255)
Canada (190)

Largest Silver Producers:

Silver is often extracted from other metals and ores as well as being found in smaller quantities in pure form.  The largest silver producing countries in the world (in Tonnes) are: 

Mexico (5,400)
China (4,000)
Peru (3,500)
Australia (1,700)
Russia (1,700)

Who are the key players? 

The largest gold producing companies in the world are primarily centered around North America and South Africa.  The 5 largest by total production (in Tonnes) are: 

Barrick Gold (Canada)
Newmont Mining (USA)
AngloGold Ashanti (South Africa)
Goldcorp (Canada)
Kinross Gold (Canada)

The largest silver producers globally are more geographically spread than those on the gold side of precious metals.  The 5 largest by production totals are:

Fresnillo (Mexico)
KGHM Polska Miedz (Poland)
Glencore (Switzerland)
Goldcorp (Canada)
Polymetal (Russia)

What is the Salary for Gold/Silver Trader? 

The salary levels for gold traders varies significantly dependant on market, customers and employer.  Some gold traders work on a commission only basis.  Within investment firms, private banks and wealth management companies, gold traders or investment advisors can earn in excess of 200,000GBP per annum plus a bonus/revenue share.  

Precious Metals Recruitment from Imperium Commodity Search

Imperium Commodity Search and her consultants has experience working with precious metals traders, both physical and proprietary, as well as investment funds, vehicles and firms working on structured products and investments revolved around the gold markets.  Our consultants are well placed to assist in the hiring of gold and silver market participants due to our relationship with our sister company, FINCO Search, who specialise in the wealth/asset management space. 

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Example Precious Metal Recruitment Projects

Imperium Commodity Search have exposure to both the physical and derivative metals markets globally, working with firms on front, middle and back office staff across trading houses, producers, capital markets firms and funds.  Examples of our recent precious metal roles: 

Precious Metals Broker | LME Brokerage London, United Kingdom  
Gold Procurement | Investment Firm Singapore, APAC
Gold Trader | Trading House Geneva, Switzerland
Precious Metal Prop Trader | Bank Milan, Italy
Marketing Manager | Producer Africa

Minor Metals Trader | Trading House Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Research House | Research House London, United Kingdom
Prop Trader | Financial Institution Shanghai, China
Corporate Sales | Bank London, UK
Production Manager | Gold Company Italy