Headhunting Expertise for Commodity Experts

At Imperium Commodity Search we offer all of our clients a bespoke service designed to meet your specific role requirements and company needs.   Our Headhunters are specialist recruitment consultants with the ability to truly identify where our services can add true value to our clients recruitment needs in line with the current commodity market movements. 

With over 75 years of combined recruitment industry experience our dedicated staff represent a wide range of companies and organisations throughout the UK and Internationally providing permanent, contract, interim and dedicated search solutions across the following market sectors

  • Metals and Mining
    • Trading Houses
    • Brokerage
    • Production
    • Logistics
    • Operations
    • Trade Finance
    • Funds
    • LME
    • Risk Management
    • Sales
    • Mining Services
    • Market Commentary
    • Machinery

  • Agriculture/Soft Commodities 
    • Trading Houses 
    • Marketers 
    • Risk Management 
    • Brokerage
    • Funds
    • Sourcing
    • Operations
    • Logistics
    • CME/CBOT
    • Research/Analytical
    • Elevators
    • Sustainability 
  • Energy
    • Trading Houses
    • Producers
    • Physical Supply
    • Back to Back trading 
    • Oil
    • Gas
    • Power
    • Bunkers
    • Operations
    • Risk Management
    • Trade Finance
    • Funds
    • Brokerage

  • Shipping
    • Shipbrokers
    • Chartering
    • Operations
    • Logistics
    • Warehousing
    • FFA
    • Freight Derivatives
    • Dry Bulk
    • Container
    • Cruise
    • Yacht
    • Superintendent 


Whether you are looking for a professional individual on a short-term interim assignment, a large project team on an on-going basis or need us to find you a candidate with a very specific skill-set to take up a permanent role within your business you can rest assured that we offer you a bespoke, timely and lasting solution for your business.

Read through our full range of service offerings in the right hand column opposite.

We adopt a partnership style approach with all of our clients and constantly develop our services in line with our clients best interests to achieve continuous improvement. We work closely with all Departmental Managers to agree and maintain high level standards of service.

We have the resources, staff and experience to deliver effective recruitment solutions throughout the UK and Internationally, often at short notice.   

We would be delighted to provide you with more information on our services face to face at your convenience so that we can better assist your organisation with its recruitment needs, please contact us here to arrange such a meeting.E

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Our Recruitment Methodologies


Retained Search

As we specialise in placing upper-level management positions where qualifications and attributes are more detailed we invest valuable time into making sure to align the culture, values, and purpose of the client with that of the candidate.


Managed Advertising Campaigns

Targeted and specific advertising campaigns are a great method of attracting the right level of potential candidate from the outset.
We can advise on exactly how to structure a campaign across all relevant media.


Exclusive Contingent Search

Granting exclusive access to a specific vacancy, for a guaranteed period of time, we agree by way of a dedicated service level agreement to allocate exclusive resource to ensure that we complete a successful contingent search assignment.


Contingent Search

A contingent search is carried out with no upfront commitment on your behalf other than to be fully cooperative throughout the process.
This "No win, no fee" search solution is hassle free and pitches competing agencies together to source suitable talent.


Extraction Search

Sometimes you know exactly who you want - by name - and need a dedicated Head Hunter to represent your company in a professional manner to make the respective introductions to complete the hiring process.


Salary Benchmarking

We talk to individuals all day every day and as a result are able to garner key information on market movements and salary expectations across all the sectors in which we operate. As a result we are able to utilise this data to help you map out the best payment structure for your employees.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We recruit across front, middle and back office positions throughout the commodity space in both physical and derivative markets.  Our commodity markets section covers our typical remit

We work across both retained and contingent models, dependent upon the variables of the search.  We bespoke our product to our clients needs.  You can contact us here to discuss how we can assist

Our fee structure is based around a percentage of remuneration rather than a fixed fee.  Our retained model is success based as two thirds of the fee is only payable upon completion

This depends on numerous factors however we aim to provide our clients with profiles within 48 hours.  For retained projects this will be outlined in the initial project management phase of the search.

Yes, you can submit a vacancy to us here.  One of our consultants can then arrange a call with you to discuss the role/search method in some more detail.  

We maintain a network of candidates within the commodities space and utilise a research backed, headhunt led approach to sourcing talent.  This involves extraction/headhunt searches to identify passive talent.