Market Mapping

Market & Talent Mapping

Our Market & Talent Mapping service is designed from the ground up to offer unique insights into the competitor landscape for our clients, ensuring they are equipped to deal with the competition on market entry when looking at new ventures or restructuring existing offices.  

We work with clients across the commodities space, often in multiple geographies.  Alongside our candidate relationships this enables us to piece together accurate organisational structures and competitor make-up in niche markets.  All of our market & talent mapping solutions are created in full collaboration with our clients and can be bespoke to fit the exact project at hand. 
Candidate Pool / Geographical Spread

Imperium Commodity Search maintain a network of candidates globally, giving us quick reference points into the distribution of talent in specific industry sectors alongside candidates potential to relocate and into what geographies.  We source data across numerous metrics to build a wider picture of the talent landscape and the availability of suitable talent in a specific region.

Competitor Mapping

We work with hiring managers and candidate managers in every facet of the commodity markets.  We are well placed to structure market maps of competing businesses, their team size, front office % and penetration to assist in the decision making process on expansion or new offices.  Our research team can also put together bespoke information packs on this. 

Commodity Talent
Talent Mapping

Our consultants have a strong knowledge of the front office profitability of trading/brokerage firms and which staff are hitting the highest numbers.  We can put together talent maps for our clients which give an insight into the top hitters and the revenue/PnL of individual desks and teams where required.

Commodity Headhunter
Live Information

We can compile an initial findings report but continue to bespoke our research to your needs after the initial report is in.  We understand that sometimes needs and projects change over time, and there may be some information required that wasn’t initially.  We are able to consult on this and respond in an agile way to bespoke requests as we receive them.

Imperium Edge with Retained Search 

Imperium Commodity Search are able to bespoke a package to cover both market mapping followed by a successful hire(s) for our client, utlising our research team alongside consultants to produce analytics and talent.  
Our consultants and research team work hand in hand to operate both functions to the full complement of each other.  Our researchers and consultants even sit together for the duration of a project to ensure full collaboration. 

To enquire about utlising our Imperium Edge Analytics please contact one of our consultants on +44 (0) 203 927 5090 or email us at

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