Confidential Advertising

Fixed Fee Confidential Advertising

We understand that some roles are confidential for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes the role is a replacement that is not yet public, or for a project that is yet to begin and sensitive to competitor knowledge.  This can lead to a recruitment bottleneck that may be expensive to solve; either do not advertise and hope something comes your way, or pay an agency a large upfront cost to commence a confidential search.  Neither of these options are ideal at times – a different solution is required.  

Imperium Commodity Search offer an anonymised and confidential advertising service to our clients, without the pain of an inflated upfront retainer fee.  We act as a broker, using our company branding and excellent social reach to attract the right candidates for your business without the unwanted publicity, all for a fixed fee. 

Impressions per ad per month
1 m
Impressions on linkedin/year
1 %
Views to application Ratio
engaged per advert per month

All of our advertising is released under the name of Imperium Commodity Search and our own branding, leaving no mention of your company name. This ensure the advertising campaign remains anonymous and there is no direct link back to your company, maintaining the confidentiality of the recruitment project. 

Our advertising packages can be customised to suit a particular mandate.  We advertise across our own Website, LinkedIn, eFinancialCareers, Indeed, Reed, Jobsite and local job boardsWe build an advertising package to suit your reach and budget requirements with flexible extensions and refreshers available should a campaign need to be lengthened. 

We will work with you to formulate the advertising template and assist with customised copy writing dependant upon the required outcome.  Our consultants are experienced at SEO and reach so can put together job descriptions to achieve volume and quality ambitions.  This is an optional feature of our confidential advertising service. 

Should you decide at the end of an anonymised advertising campaign that you require a more in-depth search to source the right candidate, we will discount the cost of your advertising campaign from  our confidential search fees.  This discount will be applied against our retained search fee; more detail on this can be found on our retained search page. 

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