Salary Benchmarking

Salary Benchmarking

Our salary benchmarking service allows our commodity clients to understand the landscape of their competitors and markets on a deeper level, identifying salary and remuneration structures that are suitable for the growth of new teams, offices or their current workforce. 

We speak to hundreds of candidates a week, and have a strong network of commodity staff globally, allowing us to not only leverage on our relationships to supply top talent into our clients, but to put together a detailed geographical salary and bonus guide for our clients too. 
Global Candidate Network

Imperium Commodity Search have built a global network of candidates across the commodity space, from traders, brokers and analysts across metals, agriculture, energy and shipping through to big data specialists in funds and futures/options trading firms.  Our network allows us to piece together an accurate overview of salary and bonus structures across geographies and firm types.

Best in Class Research

Our consultants work hand in hand with our research team to fill in the blanks and gather a large enough pool of data to create averages, geographical differences, relocation salary allowances and other metrics at the request of our clients to produce a detailed empirical, quantitative overview of the salaries among their competitors and businesses of interest.

Gender Pay Gap Research

As well as conducting external salary bench-marking for our clients to identify suitable salary levels for new employees, we can also put together research pieces on our clients internal gender pay gap in comparison to their competitors to help our clients improve equal pay and ensure they are at the forefront of equality metrics within their sector. 

Bespoke Revisions

Once we have completed our research piece and put your data together, we work in partnership with our clients to ammend or revisit aspects of the research to improve this where required.  We don’t believe in charging a fee and producing a linear piece of research.  Our service is there to assist our clients, and we will ensure that is the end result.

Salary / Contract Implemention

From the results of the salary survey, we are always happy to assist our clients in formulating a salary and bonus package that will attract the right talent and keep the P&L of the desk in check.  We will work with our clients on the viability of structures and the attraction potential of the package to ensure long term results from the bench-marking study. 

Imperium Edge with Retained Search 

Imperium Commodity Search are able to bespoke a package to cover both Salary Bench-marking followed by a successful hire(s) for our client, utlising our research team alongside consultants to produce analytics and talent.  
Our consultants and research team work hand in hand to operate both functions to the full complement of each other.  Our researchers and consultants even sit together for the duration of a project to ensure full collaboration. 

To enquire about utlising our Imperium Edge Analytics please contact one of our consultants on +44 (0) 203 927 5090 or email us at

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