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The Power of a CV

A CV is the only window that recruiters or hiring managers have into your career before you interview.  It must scream the right message and do it quickly.  A CV is a canvas; more than a collection of words and phrases, it is your opening gambit, your hook.  It is absolutely critical that your CV sells a solution.  When you sell a product, you aren’t selling that product itself, you are selling the solution it offers.  We all know that.  So why do so few CV’s provide a solution to a company’s needs?  You are a salesman for the brief time that CV is in the gaze of a hiring manager.  You’re selling the best product you’ve ever handled: you. 

Curriculum Vitae is described in the Cambridge Dictionary as a “short written description of your education, qualifications and previous jobs which you send to an employer when you are trying to get a job”.  The operative word being Short.  The rest of it, we don’t entirely agree with.  They say a picture paints a thousands words.  A CV should do too, but with less.  

We see 1000’s of CV’s each week and have a real world understanding of what attracts hiring managers to candidates based on a piece of paper or a PDF document.  Your real selling point is you.  Writing a CV to reflect your personality and abilities accurately can be difficult.  

Hiring managers spend an average of 6 seconds reading a resume/CV.  It takes around 160 seconds to boil a kettle.  That’s right, the average hiring manager spends 26 times longer making their coffee than they do reading your CV.  This isn’t a problem, if you make damn sure that those 6 seconds of stage time get the hiring manager reading further.  We can help;  We review thousands of CV’s for our clients positions each week and can almost immediately tell which CV’s we want to take a closer look at.  Others take longer to decipher; these are the ones we are here to fix.  

Our Services

Consultation: Prior to undertaking any CV copy writing work for our clients, we arrange a detailed telephone consultation to understand what you are trying to achieve and bespoke our service to meet those needs.  Everybody is an individual and every CV requires different work to bring it up to what it needs to be.  We will work closely with you on mapping the project and ensuring our time is spent in the best place for your objectives. 

Trimming the fat: Because we see so many CV’s, we know how common certain phrases and introductions are; many of which become meaningless due to their saturation.  “Working well as an individual and as part of a team” is present in 80% of CV’s that we receive.  Why?  Believe it or not, nobody ever writes on a CV “Work well on my own, teamwork is a bit tough though.  Last team building event I punched someone in IT”.  We remove the guff and put your real skills to the forefront. 

Length & Presence: Another commonplace issue with CV’s is the structure, length and poor presentation of relevant experience for the role they are intended for.  We write our CV’s in a structure that puts the right experience first and elevates your talent.  A CV should solve a problem and needs to be directed to that end.  Around 80% of CV’s with more than 2 pages do not get viewed beyond those opening pages and as a general rule, the longer the CV, the less chance of an interview/engagement; so why the 7 pages? 

Keywording: Most of the candidates we speak to are on a CV database that is accessible to recruiters and some hiring managers, such as eFinancialcareers.  We use these databases ourselves, specifically for commodity based recruitment.  We know from daily experience what works to get your experience found by the right people at the right time.  Our CV writing is specifically targeted at keywording your profile to the top.

Targeted to your aspirations: It’s hard to make a move that swerves industry or commodity class easily, as many companies are incredibly risk adverse at taking these chances.  We work with you during the consultation phase to ensure we are targeting your CV to the precise roles that you are looking to move into.  If you are looking to move product or job role, a simple overview of your last role wont get you many call backs. 

Revisions: We piece together a CV based on the roles that you are looking for.  These are bespoke to that role and designed to improve your interview rate and ranking on search engines as best as possible.  But we get it.  Writing is an art, and sometimes you wont like certain parts of what we do.  That’s why we include revisions for our services where we can amend, add or remove parts at your request. 

Resume Rewrite
Our consultants are experienced in rewriting, formatting and keywording CV's to gain the maximum exposure & face time with hiring managers
Social Media
Our consultants have excellent view rates on LinkedIn and can increase your exposure to hiring managers in your sector
Native English
We can assist with rewriting and checking grammar on CV's to ensure conformation to native English language standards
Career Advice
Our consultants make their living by speaking to hiring managers every day. They are experts in how to get facetime with the people that matter
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Turnaround Time

We aim to schedule the initial consultation within 24 hours of contact and deliver finished documents/copy within 48 hours of this consultation.  Shorter timescales can be arranged where required dependant upon workload. 

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Full CV Rewrite

PDF + Word + Revisions
£ 395
  • Consultation
  • Fully managed rewrite
  • Revisions included
  • Word Version
  • PDF Version

CV + LinkedIn

Everything in CV Rewrite & LinkedIn SEO
£ 475
  • Consultation
  • Fully managed rewrite
  • Revisions included
  • Full LinkedIn Keywording
  • LinkedIn SEO Optimisation

LinkedIn Keywording

Full LinkedIn Write-up
£ 125
  • Biography
  • Experience/Companies
  • Keywording
  • Endorsements
  • Advisory

Algorithm Booster

Be seen ahead of your peers
£ 195
  • Consultation
  • Benchmarking
  • CV SEO
  • Data Comparison
  • Advisory

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Imperium Commodity Search is a full service provider to the commodity recruitment market.  Our consultants work on a 360 basis with our clients and candidates, managing all parts of the process.  As such, we are expertly placed to assist candidates in gaining an edge in the fiercely competitive commodity job markets.  All of our candidate service packages above can be bespoke to suit your specific requirements.  Need a full CV rewrite, LinkedIn Keyword and Consultation?  No problem.  Contact us and we can put together a bespoke package for your specific requirements – for our full terms of service click here

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