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The Power of Language

We are a pure play commodity headhunter; a very international market, perhaps the most international market of all.  Around 30% of our placements require relocation and over 95% of our CV introductions and interviews are conducted in English language.  Places like Dubai and Singapore are particularly mixed markets when it comes to first languages of those in the commodity space.  Here, English is often the commonly spoken language as a 2nd language of both candidate and hiring company.  It is critical, therefore, that CV’s and written resumes reflect your skill set accurately and articulately in printed English.  We see 1000’s of CV’s each week from candidates who speak English as a second language and often find after our screening conversations that the written CV doesn’t accurately demonstrate the candidates experience.  A CV should talk to your hiring manager; make sure it’s speaking volumes.  

Our Services

Accuracy Check: We have a team of consultants with English as a first language and utilise a host of grammar and spellcheck tools to ensure there are no mistakes in your CV/Resume.  Our consultants can fix mistakes and reformat sentences to make more sense or convey a more accurate message to the hiring manager you are sending it to. 

Rewording: English is a strange language; compared to most others the structure of our sentences are back to front.  When a CV is translated into English using a translator or written as a second language, the difference in structure can result in an inaccurate portrayal of your experience.  We can reword and restructure your CV to read in perfect English. 

Dictated Rewrite: Our consultants are able to take a full dictated CV and format this from scratch during a screening/consultation call.  Our consultants are experts at screening on what matters to hiring managers and can convey this directly in your newly written CV.  This is an additional service and includes a full CV rewrite. 

Optional LinkedIn Work: Alongside your CV refresh, our consultants can work with you to write out your LinkedIn biography, experience and extra curricular activities in plain English.  This will increase the number of times you are found by recruiters and hiring managers substantially.  Read more about our LinkedIn Keywording service. 

Resume Rewrite
Our consultants are experienced in rewriting, formatting and keywording CV's to gain the maximum exposure & face time with hiring managers
Social Media
Our consultants have excellent view rates on LinkedIn and can increase your exposure to hiring managers in your sector
Native English
We can assist with rewriting and checking grammar on CV's to ensure conformation to native English language standards
Career Advice
Our consultants make their living by speaking to hiring managers every day. They are experts in how to get facetime with the people that matter

Turnaround Time

We aim to schedule the initial consultation within 24 hours of contact and deliver finished documents/copy within 48 hours of this consultation.  Shorter timescales can be arranged where required dependant upon workload. 

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Language Fix

Rewritten CV in Native English
£ 295
  • Consultation
  • English Phrasing Applied
  • International Friendly
  • Grammar & Spellcheck
  • Revisions Included

Full CV Rewrite

PDF + Word + Revisions
£ 395
  • Consultation
  • Fully managed rewrite
  • Revisions included
  • Word Version
  • PDF Version

CV + LinkedIn

Everything in CV Rewrite & LinkedIn SEO
£ 475
  • Consultation
  • Fully managed rewrite
  • Revisions included
  • Full LinkedIn Keywording
  • LinkedIn SEO Optimisation

LinkedIn Keywording

Full LinkedIn Write-up
£ 125
  • Biography
  • Experience/Companies
  • Keywording
  • Endorsements
  • Advisory
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CV Consultancy Services

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Imperium Commodity Search is a full service provider to the commodity recruitment market.  Our consultants work on a 360 basis with our clients and candidates, managing all parts of the process.  As such, we are expertly placed to assist candidates in gaining an edge in the fiercely competitive commodity job markets.  All of our candidate service packages above can be bespoke to suit your specific requirements.  Need a full CV rewrite, LinkedIn Keyword and Consultation?  No problem.  Contact us and we can put together a bespoke package for your specific requirements – for our full terms of service click here

Our consultants are always available to speak and happy to discuss our services with you prior to any commitment.  Please feel free to reach them on +44 (0) 203 927 5090 or by email to