An interview with a Commodity Broker

Imperium Commodity Search is conducting interviews with industry specialists to ascertain their experience and views on all matters Commodities.

Here is our first interview in the series:

Job Title: Energy Broker

How long have you been in commodities?

19 Years

How did you get into the commodity markets?

I started in commodities with Weather Derivatives. I was doing some consulting on the product with another firm as my new Employer was looking into the markets. Off the back of the consulting work I received an offer to work for my new Employer on the Weather Derivatives desk.

What is the core purpose of your current role?

We provide institutions with natural gas options brokerage services, managing their liquidity and keep markets moving. I manage our relationships with clients across funds, banks and energy corporations for options execution services.

How relevant do you feel your education was to your latter career?

My degree helped me to get on the ladder at the start. Further down the line, less so. I would say mathematics and calculus studies are critical to gain a true understanding of what is needed in the derivative markets and would recommend students looking for a career in commodities, particularly futures, to focus on these area’s in their studies.

What is the most enjoyable part of your role?

Fast paced. I find every day truly unique and different which means I’m never bored. In addition my team are great; throughout my career I’ve found surrounding yourself with a team that you bond and gel with is critical and can provide immense enjoyment in a very fast paced market.

What are the biggest pressures you face?

There is no room for error. You have to conduct your role with speed alongside being surgically accurate. Errors can cost a lot to both the firm and your client and this inherently brings some pressure.

Funniest moment?

Going back a few years now we used to go on charity days. These produced a great laugh and gave us a lot of enjoyment through bonding as a team outside of the office.

What advice would you give to somebody looking at getting into commodities for the first time?

Make sure you take the time to find a team that you work well with. Having guys around you that you mesh with makes all the difference and having a dynamic
there with your colleagues produces better results and can give you respite in a stressful market.

What 3 words would you use to sum up working in commodities?

Fast-paced, fun, financially rewarding

Look out for the next interview coming here soon…..